TRC Supports the Expansion of the Port of Corpus Christi

The San Antonio Express News recently wrote an article titled: "Foreign markets want Texas oil, say experts" and no area of Texas has learned this more than the Port of Corpus Christi.

Corpus Christi is the nation's leading crude oil export port and while it's certainly helping to grow our nation's energy industry, it's also helping grow our local Texas economies.

While Corpus Christi currently ships more than 70% of its crude oil to international markets, the large crude carriers are forced leave the port only partially filled and complete their loading offshore. Expanding the Port of Corpus Christi will allow carriers with a capacity of more than 2 million barrels to enter and exit the port.

The completion of this project will have a positive impact on all of us Texans but especially those of us who call the Permian Basin or Eagle Ford Shale our home.

Texas Royalty Council is proud to support the Port of Corpus Christi expansion, the great state of Texas, and American energy freedom.