Oil and Natural Gas Facts

The Texas Railroad Commission, with its work rooted in science-base regulations and safety, plays a critical role in ensuring the oil and natural gas industry continues to thrive in Texas.  A healthy oil and natural gas industry provides jobs for Texans, protects the environment and bolsters our nation’s energy security.

Here’s why oil and natural gas matter to all Texans:

  • In 2016, the oil and natural gas industry paid $9.4 BILLION in state and local taxes and state royalties. That’s $26 MILLION per day to fund our schools, roads and first responders. 

  • Natural gas keeps energy local and affordable for Texas families.  In 2015, the average American family enjoyed more than $1,300 IN ENERGY-RELATED SAVINGS.

  • Oil and natural gas produced by fracking have helped to REVIVE THE TEXAS MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY.  

  • 96% OF PRODUCTS AND MATERIALS we use every day like plastics, medicines, computers, life-saving devices come from oil and natural gas. 

  • Because of oil and natural gas, RENEWABLE ENERGY is possible. 

  • Technological advances are continually improving our environment. With the help of fracking and natural gas-fired power plants, COlevels are near 20-YEAR LOWS. 

  • TEXAS RANKS #1 in oil and natural gas production, pipeline miles and refining capacity.
  • MORE THAN 700,000 TEXAS ROYALTY OWNERS spend or save their royalty income here in the Lone State State.  Helping to keep our communities strong and they support many churches, charities and non-profits.