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Opponents of the energy industry are trying to prevent access for export of our mineral resources. With the abundance of natural gas in Texas, the growth in manufacturing that relies on our natural gas is underway. However, there continue to be barriers getting these products to market. 



What does HB 3854 do?

HB 3854 establishes Port Transportation Corridors that will provide safe and efficient transport of container shipments and keep Texas competitive with other U.S. ports. This stimulates new markets and benefits royalty owners.

Why does it matter to royalty owners?

This bill will allow trucks carrying products made from natural gas to fully load containers on their trucks. The bill ensures the safety of Texans by requiring the use of trucks that are safer than those currently used for transporting containers.

Without HB 3854, manufacturing facilities could be placed out of state as the product cannot be fully loaded into containers for overseas shipment. This would be detrimental to royalty owners.

Why is it needed?
Thanks to fracking, Texas is producing more oil and natural gas than ever before. The abundance of natural gas has sparked a manufacturing renaissance, creating an environment for new jobs and new economic development in our state. The growth in the manufacturing sector has created new opportunities for import and export growth including:

  • 84 Announced Chemical Industry Projects in Texas
  • Over $50 Billion in New Capital Investment 
  • 100,000+ New Texas Jobs

The Port of Houston is the only major U.S. port that does not have a transportation corridor for area manufacturers to get fully loaded containers directly to the port. This weak link in the supply chain puts Texas businesses at a competitive disadvantage. The Port of Houston’s inability to receive full containers creates a 10 percent premium on supply chain costs for Texas manufacturers shipping products to customers overseas.

This is your chance to make a difference. Contact your representative now.


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