Attack on millions of property owners…

Anti-fracking groups like to think they’re campaigning against “Big Oil,” but they’re really attacking millions of property owners across Texas.

The fracking ban in Denton was not a victory for democracy. It stripped Texas citizens of their constitutionally protected rights to develop energy on their own private property.

Any government that takes rights away – be it federal, state, or local – is the very definition of Big Government. Texas lawmakers deserve credit for standing up against that with HB 40, which protects taxpayers and property owners from the kind of illegal, costly, activist-driven bans that Denton is still paying for. HB 40 is smart policy. It provides cities with authority to reasonably regulate aboveground activity related to oil and natural gas operations like well location, traffic, and noise while protecting our private property rights.

Don’t be fooled about their rhetoric on “local control.” Frack Free Denton wants to expand its campaign statewide to tell all Texans what they can and cannot do with their own land.  Cities in Texas haven’t been fooled thus far, and many have actually spoken in favor of HB 40. Speaking for those of us who still cherish individual rights, let’s hope it stays that way.

Tricia Davis
Texas Royalty Council
Austin, TX